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Diaper Review: Three Diapers that I love!

So we all know that once you have a little one on the way that one gift you definitely get is diapers. However, along the way in between receiving diapers as a gift and buying them yourself you end up trying a few different brands sometimes ... well keep scrolling and reading to find out about a few of this mama's favorites.

First, of all I love the Honest Diapers, not only do they have super cute designs, but they actually keep my baby dry throughout the night. Also not once have I ever had a poop-plosion with Honest diapers. They also never have caused irritation, fit well and don't have a smell. I have definitely tried a couple of mainstream brands that smell like chemicals to me :( sadly, but that's not the case with the Honest brand. When I started to actually buy diapers this was always one of my go to choices because the cost is not as high as I thought and around the same price as other big name competitors. (Note: the photo below is from the honest website and displays a bundle) You can use my amazon affiliate link to check out these diapers or purchase them!

Now my second favorite diaper brand is Millie Moon, my daughter is 16 months and I do not remember even seeing or discovering these diapers until a few months ago, but I am glad that I did! They call these "luxury diapers" and they really do seem soft which I like. Also I like these diapers because they are big (they seem to be up one size to me, but I love that) because they curve to baby. I don't have to worry about blowouts or any leakage with these diapers either. Now I do buy these diapers from Target, because oddly I could not find these on amazon, but I never mind a trip to Target -- let's be honest.

Another diaper brand that I love that is the Costco Kirkland Brand Diapers and I mean how can it get any better than this ... diapers in bulk. You really can't beat spending less than $50 on over 150 diapers. I do notice one change from the first time that I ever bought them and that's that the velcro seems to have changed, but maybe it's because I sized up but great diapers nonetheless.

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