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Little Boy Blue(1997)

As it turns out, during Jimmy's conversation with his girlfriend, Traci Connor, he rejects a full scholarship for college. He cannot leave his brothers with his father. He explains that if he is not there Ray will take all his rage onto his little brothers, which he finds not tenable. Traci can understand that, but she cannot give up her own future, and so they eventually break up.

Little Boy Blue(1997)

Living in rural Texas is a dysfunctional family: an abusive dad, a Vietnam vet with a war wound that's left him impotent; a compliant wife and a son of about 20, two small sons who look a lot like their brother. The dad harbors a secret, and he goes to murderous lengths to keep it hidden. The young man, Jimmy, who has suspicions, but little comes out until a Yankee woman comes to town.

What a strange and (somewhat) confusing movie. You think that the movie is setting up one thing, and then it turns it around and take you down another dark alley. The ending was a little rough and am not sure that I really liked it or understood it completely.

First watch of Little Boy Blue. I had seen a portion of this film closer to when it came out but never watched in its entirety. Ryan Phillippe stars as a young man trying to protect his little brothers from their abusive father. While the family abusive runs deep, I didn't feel the film was exploitive (although it is graphic at times). I will not spoil but there is a good chunk of time Phillippe is not on screen and that is when the film gets a little messy. Backstory is revealed in a very exposition heavy way with some flashbacks that I didn't care for the look of. The late, great Shirley Knight is very good as a character involved in that part of the film. Very good performance by Phillippe. His character's devotion to his brothers is what made me care about the story.

A young man living in rural Texas puts up with the daily abuses of his father who is a deranged Vietnam vet. As the story progresses we start to uncover the dirty little secrets of his dysfunctional family. Good film about how the after effects of Vietnam can still be felt and passed on to the next generation. Some good acting by Ryan Phillipe (I never thought I'd say that) and John Savage.

So we are extremely hopeful that what are viewing as a troubling sign can be addressed. I would also point out that, quite recently, the government of Turkey lifted the state of emergency for the region of Siirt, which makes it a little unclear why an action would have been taken to a arrest a HADEP mayor from that same region for the claim of collaboration with the PKK. 041b061a72

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