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Bonzai Records -- Channel One

It was formed by DJ Fly in the back of record-shop The Blitz in Belgium in 1992 as a sublabel to Lightning Records, which went bankrupt in March 2003 and was subsequently replaced by the Banshee Worx label. Since its renewal in 2003, the label has released records under "Bonzai Progressive", however the 'Bonzai Records' catalog numbering continues.[1]

Bonzai Records -- Channel One

Paypal Payments : We recently de-activated automatic payments via PayPal because we would like to confirm stock before accepting a PayPal payment. Reason being that if the item is not in stock and we have to refund you we will not be reimbursed the transaction fees per their new terms. If you would like to pay with paypal please send an email directly to with your cart info and PayPal e-mail address. We will then confirm stock and send you an invoice via PayPal for your payment.

Special Orders are welcome and encouraged. With the abundant amount of available records out there, it is impossible for us to stock it all, but we can likely get you anything you are looking for so long as it is no out of print. Just drop us a message with any requests you may have.

G+ (Good Plus): will have some significant noise during playback. only records of collector value will be listed at this grade. you may want to find a better copy if you want it for listening. nothing lower than this grade will be listed unless a collectible.

This success continued and in the second half of the nineties a new face arrived to progress the brand further, Marnik Braeckevelt joined the Bonzai Family in 1995 working as A&R and International, it was this fresh vision that would help propel Bonzai and its artists into world renowned names. During this time three of the biggest trance stars in the world would rise, Yves Deruyter would again be a prominent figure with releases such as The Rebel and Factor-Y gaining huge support around the globe, Mike Dierickx aka Push had been an established artist in the techno acid scene and he rose to prominence with his 1998 release Universal Nation, this went on to be one of the biggest selling trance anthems of all time and is still being played and remixed to this day. The next out of the three is the awe inspiring genius Laurent Veronnez aka Airwave, the story goes that Marnik and Laurent were looking for a cool new name for a project, at the time Marnik was holding a pack of Airwaves gum, but his finger was covering the S and he saw the word Airwave, since then Laurent has went on to produce some of the best trance records ever with Above The Sky, Lightspeed and his debut album I Want To Believe to name a few. 041b061a72

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