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El Eternauta Comic Completo Pdf Download

El Eternauta: A Classic Argentine Sci-Fi Comic

If you are a fan of science fiction and comics, you may have heard of El Eternauta, a classic Argentine comic series created by writer Héctor Germán Oesterheld and artist Francisco Solano López. El Eternauta tells the story of Juan Salvo, a man who survives an alien invasion of Earth and travels through time and space in search of his family and a way to stop the invaders. The comic is considered a masterpiece of Argentine literature and a symbol of resistance against dictatorship and oppression.

In this article, we will give you an overview of the comic's plot, history, and legacy, and show you how you can download the complete PDF version of El Eternauta for free.

Download File:

The Plot of El Eternauta

The story begins in 1959, when Juan Salvo, an ordinary man who lives in Buenos Aires with his wife Elena and his daughter Martita, is playing chess with his friends at his home. Suddenly, a mysterious snowstorm covers the city, killing everyone who is exposed to it. Juan and his friends manage to survive by wearing protective suits and using a generator to keep warm. They soon realize that the snow is part of an alien invasion that aims to wipe out humanity and colonize the planet.

Juan and his friends decide to join a group of resistance fighters who are trying to fight back against the aliens. Along the way, they encounter various enemies and allies, such as giant insects, humanoid robots, telepathic plants, and other survivors from different countries and times. Juan also discovers that he has a special ability to travel through time and space by using a device called a "continuum transmitter". He uses this device to escape from dangerous situations and to search for his family, who were separated from him during the invasion.

The comic follows Juan's adventures through different eras and dimensions, as he witnesses the horrors of war, the wonders of science, and the mysteries of existence. He also learns more about the origin and motives of the invaders, who are revealed to be part of a cosmic hierarchy of evil beings called "Ellos" (Them). Juan becomes known as "El Eternauta" (The Eternaut), a name given to him by Oesterheld himself, who appears as a character in the story and acts as Juan's narrator and confidant.

The History of El Eternauta

El Eternauta was first published in 1957 as a weekly serial in the magazine Hora Cero Semanal. It ran until 1959, with a total of 106 episodes. The comic was an immediate success, attracting a large and loyal readership. It was praised for its originality, creativity, realism, and social commentary. It also reflected the political and cultural context of Argentina at the time, which was marked by instability, violence, and censorship.

In 1969, Oesterheld and López reworked the original story into a graphic novel format, adding more details and depth to the characters and plot. This version was published by Editorial Frontera in four volumes. It is considered by many critics and fans as the definitive version of El Eternauta.

In 1976, Oesterheld and López collaborated again to create a sequel to El Eternauta, called El Eternauta II. This story was darker and more pessimistic than the original one, reflecting Oesterheld's involvement with the leftist guerrilla group Montoneros and his opposition to the military dictatorship that ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1983. Oesterheld wrote the story from hiding, until he was kidnapped and disappeared by the regime in 1977. His fate remains unknown to this day. López managed to finish the story with some difficulty, but it was not published until 1983, after the return of democracy.

In 1983, another sequel was made by writer Alberto Ongaro and artists Oswal and Mario Morhain, called El Eternauta III. This story was not based on Oesterheld's original ideas or scripts, but on some sketches and designs by López. It featured a different tone and style than the previous ones, focusing more on action and humor than on drama and philosophy. It was not well received by critics or fans, who considered it a betrayal of Oesterheld's vision.

The Legacy of El Eternauta

El Eternauta is widely regarded as one of the most important and influential works of Argentine literature and culture. It has been translated into several languages and adapted into other media, such as radio, theater, film, and video games. It has also inspired many other artists and writers, both in Argentina and abroad, who have paid homage to it or used it as a source of inspiration.

El Eternauta is also a symbol of resistance and memory for the victims of state terrorism and human rights violations in Argentina and Latin America. Many people have used the image of Juan Salvo wearing his protective suit and holding his continuum transmitter as a sign of protest and solidarity. The comic has also been used as a tool for education and awareness about the history and consequences of dictatorship and violence.

How to Download El Eternauta Comic Completo PDF

If you want to read El Eternauta in its complete form, you can download the PDF version of the comic for free from the Internet Archive. The Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library that offers access to millions of books, movies, music, and other cultural artifacts. You can find the links to the PDF files of El Eternauta below:

  • : This file contains the original serial version of El Eternauta (1957-1959), the graphic novel version of El Eternauta (1969), and the sequel El Eternauta II (1976-1983).

  • : This file contains the graphic novel version of El Eternauta (1969) only.

  • : This file contains the original serial version of El Eternauta (1957-1959) only.

To download the files, you just need to click on the links and then click on the "Download" button on the right side of the page. You can choose between different formats, such as PDF, EPUB, or Kindle. You can also read the files online by clicking on the "Read Online" button.

We hope you enjoy reading El Eternauta and discovering its amazing story and characters. If you like it, you can also check out other works by Oesterheld and López, such as Mort Cinder, Ernie Pike, or Sherlock Time. You can find them on the Internet Archive or other online sources.

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