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Woh Tera Naam Tha In Hindi Torrent Download 720p

Woh Tera Naam Tha in Hindi

Woh Tera Naam Tha (That Was Your Name) is a 2004 Indian Hindi-language film directed by Kuku Kohli and produced by Vijaypath Singhania. The film features Arjan Bajwa, Kanchi Kaul and Amrish Puri in the lead roles, along with Rajat Bedi, Gaurav Chanana and Prem Chopra in supporting roles. The music was composed by Roop Kumar Rathod, Dilip Sen-Sameer Sen and Sumeet Chopra. The cinematography was by Manmohan Singh.

The film is a love triangle set in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, where a young orphan named Badruddin (Gaurav Chanana) is taken in by a kind-hearted singer Ustad Samad Khan (Amrish Puri). Badru falls in love with Samad's daughter Reshma (Kanchi Kaul), who also likes him. However, Reshma's heart is stolen by Akhtar (Arjan Bajwa), a freelance photographer from Delhi, who comes to Bhopal for an assignment. Samad opposes their relationship, as he wants Reshma to marry Basharat (Rajat Bedi), the son of a wealthy nawab. The film follows the struggles of the lovers and the obstacles they face from their families and society.


The film received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the performances of the actors and the music, but criticized the clichéd plot and the slow pace. The film was also compared to the 1995 film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, which had a similar storyline. The film was a box office flop, failing to recover its budget of Rs. 15 crore.

The film is available on DVD and online streaming platforms, but not on torrent sites. Downloading torrents may be illegal or harmful to your device, so please watch the film legally and safely.


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