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Download and Play Hamster Ball: A 3D Racing Game with Cute Hamsters

Let's roll! Take control of a hamster in a ball and go a-rollin' through fifteen of the craziest obstacle courses you've ever seen! But be careful, because the clock is ticking and everything and everyone is out to stop you! Fifteen unique courses, multiplayer party games, three skill levels, amazing musical soundtrack, high scores, and more! Play with mouse, keyboard, joystick, trackball, or anything you want! Try it now and see why Hamsterball was voted the Downloadable Game of the Year (2004) by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences!

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Download Zip:

Welcome to Hamsterball, the Rowdiest Rodent Racer game of all time! Your job is to roll your Hamster from the race's start to the goal in the least amount of time! Long falls, dangerous enemies, and other hazards can cause your hamster to get dizzy, crack, or even go spinning off into space!

In Hamsterball, you do not have lives. You can crack, smash, and all-around abuse your hamster as much as you want. Whenever you crash a hamster via a long fall or collision with an enemy, you will receive a new hamster, materializing somewhere nearby.

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